Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No.21 on the feature parade is Donna Savory

Donna is also a member of UBC for many years and also attends Wendys' weekly bible studies. She was one of the very 1st to purchase a Lord's Ring way back when the company was just starting about 6 months ago. Donna is the mom of her pride and Joy (Robert) who was brought up in our Church. Her husband Jimmy we see once in while but word has it that he is still out on the ocean trying to catch Moby Dick!
We want to thank Donna for being a Lord' Ring wearer and for her support of our family for lets just say a long time.
1. Eve Mazzara
2. Wendy Parise
3. Babs Parise
4. John Daly
5. Ray Caldwell
6. Eve Hathcock
7. Kim Boston
8. Cary Clifford
9. Heather Clifford
10. Haley Clifford
11. Chloe Clifford
12. Danny Gokey
13. Kim Daly
14. Emily Burt
15. Don Gokey
16. Karen ( Kare Bear ) Richie
17. 18, 19, and 20 Ware Family
21. Donna Savory

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