Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No. 23 & 24 Rob & Rebecca Brooks

Rob & Rebecca are among the finest daddys and mommys in the Americas. I will post some of their other many accomplishments but have to mention their little dudes 1st. Daniel, the oldest little Dude......he's so smart he already has a vocabulary larger than mine (ok I hear yah) not that big of a deal. How about he never has to use spell check when he emails then? He’s only 4. Ryan, who thinks my real name is DUDE, is so much fun to be around as he is always on the move and ready to play. My kind of guy! No. 3 Dude... Jason....this little guy can look right through you. When he is looking through you I know for a fact he is looking for his MOM! Let's hope things change when he’s older as I don’t think Rebecca can support him on her hip when he’s 21. I’m sure he will be running with the pack as soon as he gets his walking papers.

Rob is UBCs new Pastor........We are so blessed to have him. UBC has had only 2 pastors in 80 yrs so he has 39 yrs before he retires to follow in UBC protocol. Rob is a gifted bible teacher with a servant's heart. We are so blessed to have him shepherding the UBC flock. Our prayers and support are with him and his family.

Rebecca is the woman extradinaire - a wife, mom, golfer, counselor, leader, friend and is the best ever testimony giver of The Lord's Ring. Just check out the testimony page and see.

It’s time for a plug..........Check out Rob and Rebecca's new game ( ...really cool game DUDES!

The Lord's Ring thanks the Brooks for their support and prayers.

1. Eve Mazzara
2. Wendy Parise
3. Babs Parise
4. John Daly
5. Ray Caldwell
6. Eve Hathcock
7. Kim Boston
8. Cary Clifford
9. Heather Clifford
10. Haley Clifford
11. Chloe Clifford
12. Danny Gokey
13. Kim Daly
14. Emily Burt
15. Don Gokey
16. Karen ( Kare Bear ) Richie
17. 18, 19, and 20 Ware Family
21. Donna Savory
22. Jeannie Beckmeyer
23. Rob Brooks
24. Rebecca Brooks

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