Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Karen ( Kare Bear ) Richie is no. Sweet 16

Karen Richie, a wife, mother, cook, bible teacher, tri-athlete, golfer, biker and supporter of The Lord's Ring along with her hubby Greg. Who have been Chuck's best clients in all of his endeavors. Greg and Karen both play with Sweet Spot Golf clubs. Another one of Chuck' ideas! You have to see Karen’s golf swing........a thing of beauty. If she would send us a video of it, we can post it for all to see. They are also UBC members and friends for many years. Thanks to our Sister Karen ( Kare Bear ) Richie for her love and sweet 16 personality from The Lord’s Ring!
1. Eve Mazzara
2. Wendy Parise
3. Babs Parise
4. John Daly
5. Ray Caldwell
6. Eve Hathcock
7. Kim Boston
8,9,10,11 The Clifford Clan
12. Danny Gokey
13. Kim Daly
14. Emily Burt
15. Don Gokey
16. Karen ( Kare Bear ) Richie

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